Breathing the right way… finally

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Today I want to talk about breathing and I know that all of you have been breathing for a very long time, but, most of you are doing it wrong.


Really that’s not your fault. Perhaps you’ve just never been taught or It’s never been brought to your attention. You’ve never been shown a better way. It’s one of those things that are subconscious kind of takes over because it’s so important. But unlike our heartbeat or things like that, we can actually control our breathing. We can give it some input.


It’s nice that you don’t have to always be consciously thinking about it or else we would probably all suffocate in our sleep and die because you would stop.

It’s important to consider the way we breathe. And really there’s two ways, and maybe you’ve heard the term “breathing with your belly” before I have called it that before, but really the difference is whether you’re breathing deep or shallow. What we want to do is to breathe deeply through our nose. What we don’t want to do is breathe through our mouth.

Now this is of course, in a perfect scenario, I understand that, if your nose is clogged or you just need to get into a whole bunch of air breathing through whatever will allow air in, is probably the most effective thing to do at any given moment. But if we can be conscious of the way that we are breathing, we can have a tremendous effect on the situation that we’re in. We can affect the amount of stress that our body is, going through, in any given situation.

The way that we need to breathe is, in through our nose and out through our nose too. The inhale and exhale should be through our nostrils. And the reason we do that, put simply because it helps calm us down. And it does it in several different ways, but when we breathe through our nose, our body produces nitric oxide, which helps, open up our blood vessels. It helps, reduce stress.


We also want your exhale to last twice as long as you’re inhale did. So if we count than your inhale would take two seconds and then exhale. We would want it to take four seconds to do. Counting out your breathing is real easy to do when you are doing yoga or sitting in a chair, relaxing, right? It’s also a good habit to get into breathing like that when you’re driving your car, when you’re stopped at stop lights and stuff, if you can breathe like this, it’s just giving you opportunities to practice. You can practice breathing wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing. And the reason we want to do that is because it helps our body manage stress, and it brings us down right now.


Now, I don’t mean, it just brings us down from when we’re at elevated levels of stress and just brings that stress down. We’re able to cope with it better and if we’re able to cope with it better than we’re able to move on.

How we can apply that to crossfit?


If you are given a one minute rest in a workout, if you can focus, if you can slow everything down. If you can slow everything down just a little bit, then you’re better prepared for the next round, To hit it hard again. And I realized that you may not want to be able to hit another minute of burpees, hard again. But uh, you should haha


So now this doesn’t only pertain to stress received during a workout, whenever you’re getting elevated heart rate, elevated stress levels; at work, at home, driving down the freeway, wherever it may be. And if your body is breathing right, you’re gonna be able to manage that situation better. So the biggest indicator of whether or not you are breathing deeply is whether or not your belly moves when you breathe.


So if you were to take, a real deep breath wherever you’re

at right now,  what moved? Did your chest elevate? Did

your chest go up and down or does your belly go in and



Goal is to get you to breathe with your belly going in and out. Okay.

And that has more effectively done when you breathe through your nose because it’s too small holes. That your body has got to suck air in through. And in order to do that, it needs to use your diaphragm to breathe. The diaphragm is the muscle divides your upper torso from your lower torso,it  lines the bottom of your rib cage and helps your lungs, when breathing. So if we can use our diaphragm to breathe, our stomach will go in and out.


So there’s a few ways we can train that. They’ve got those cool little, excuse me, Bane masks that help you breathe. They do not train you for elevation. That’s a lie. That’s not how we use them, but they do train your body to breathe the right way, or you can lay down and put a pillow underneath your belly and when you breathe. So that just gives you something to think about when you’re breathing When you’re laying on this pillow on the ground and you just breathe into that pillow sort of, and your body will sort of raise up off the ground every time you inhale. And that’ll just help train the way that you breathing and breathing like this is not only beneficial for just stressful situations overall, the more breathing that gets done in your diaphragm, just the better you are, it improves your mood, as well as many other aspects.


So in summary, inhale through your nose, exhale through your nose, and when you breathe, we want your belly to move up and down, Or in and out, whichever.


You can practice this by laying on a pillow and breathing into the pillow or just being conscious of the way that you breathe when you’re doing it. You’ll see the benefits in the gym and you’ll see them in life. And that’s why we do this thing, right?

I need you to know how to breathe because it will help you.

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